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Lance Edwards' "Apartment Wholesaling Mastery"

Starts March 17, 2010 at 9:00 PM Eastern for 4 weeks

Discover the Fortune that Lies Hidden in Your Spare Time

Learn how to copy step-by-step exactly what Lance Edwards does to generate 5 figure checks thru apartments without even owning them.

Apartment flipping is the process of placing an apartment under contract and then selling your contract for a profit to the end-Buyer. It’s been done forever for houses but most people – until now – didn’t realize ther
e’s a secret group (like me) doing it for apartments!
Here’s what you will master:

Apartment Wholesaling is Big-time Cash Creation
via the Phone and Internet

Work with Lance Edwards LIVE from the comfort of your home or office in an interactive training environment focused solely on equipping you with the exact step-by-step instructions for wholesaling apartments in TODAY’s market.

Whether it’s 4 units or 400 units, you should be doing this TODAY! There are hedge funds and private investors lining up right now looking for distressed American assets. You are their conduit to the deals.

Here’s What You Will Master:

How to easily find discounted apartment deals – across North America
How to analyze apartment deals – from your home or office
How to determine your purchase price
How to maximize your wholesaling profits
How to write your contract
How to easily find Buyers for your apartment deals
How to use the Internet to get Buyers calling you
How to automate the process of marketing your deal 24/7
How to present your deal to your Buyer
How to position your wholesaling fee
How to manage the due diligence process
How to manage the closing process
How to structure the deal for bank REO’s
How to mask your wholesaling fee from the Buyer – if necessary
How to organize yourself and your new business
How to bust the fear of the zeroes
How easily and quickly raise any earnest money that’s required
How to master time management
How to master the habits and psychology of real estate success
What to say and what not to say to Brokers
What to say and what not to say to Sellers
What to say and what not to say to Buyers
Plus much, much more…

Here’s What You Will Receive

You receive everything you need in my complete Apartment Wholesaling Cookbook System – derived from my very own apartment wholesale deals. You receive:

Step-by-Step Checklist for the entire process
All of the forms you need
Offer Letter Templates
Assignment Letter Templates
Special Provision Language Templates
Ad templates – from Lance’s actual deals
Deal analysis templates
Phone scripts
And much, much more…

I'm Ready to Take Action Now!

Who is it for?

This on-line Boot Camp is for entrepreneurs who want to generate quick and meaningful cash in wholesaling apartment deals (or any kind of income producing commercial deals):

No License is Required!

This is For Me

If You are a Real Estate Agent, Read This!

This program is also perfect for licensed real estate agents who want to monetize their contacts and generate wholesaling fees that are larger than your listing commissions.

By the way – I always make more than the real estate agent in wholesale deals. As a real estate agent, you are not limited to 3% or even 6% commissions. You deserve more of the profits!  I Agree. Sign Me Up Now!

Don’t Worry

No experience is required. You can start with a duplex or you can start with 200 units. All that matters is your willingness to follow the exact step-by-step instructions that you receive in this training.

You’ll walk away with an entire new view of the world of opportunity. Cash is KING today and you can create your own fortune using other people’s cash.

My next LIVE event for Apartment Training is $2497. And in today’s economy, I realize that less and less people want to travel. So I created the Apartment Wholesaling Mastery Virtual Boot Camp where you work from your own home – and I SAVE you MONEY.

Yes, I Want to Generate 5 Figure Checks

All you need is Phone and Internet Access

We meet as a small group for 4 Wednesdays, starting March 17, 2010 at 9:00 PM Eastern – for 2 hours. I will employ the same powerful interactive webinar and easel pad technology that I use with my Multifamily Apprentice group.

We will all be able to speak to each other as an interactive mastermind group. Bring your live deals which I will teach you to find in the training.

This small group training is built upon the foundation of my Multifamily Success Home Study System, which you will be provided FREE as part of this On-Line Boot Camp.

You will Receive Audio Recordings of All Sessions

Even if you miss a session, don’t worry. You can review the recordings afterward. And you’ll be able to archive the audio recordings to your own library for future reference.

So How Much Does it Cost?

My regular Multifamily Success LIVE Boot Camp is $2497 + your travel costs. Yet, with this Multifamily Success LIVE On-Line Boot Camp, the price is only $997 and there are NO travel costs.   
Enroll me now!

You Can Even Finance It

Or you can finance it at $547 up-front and 1 payment of $547which will be charged to your credit card 30 days from today.

Plus, with our extended financing option, you can start as low as $397 up-front And then you make 2 installment payments of $397 - 30 days apart, starting 30 days from today. That’s 3 payments of just $397; 1 today and then 2 every 30 days.

I Want to Get Started Now

Receive $1697 of Bonuses When You Enroll Now:

BONUS #1 Multifamily Success Home Study System ($697 Value).

For signing up now, I’ll ship you my physical $697 Multifamily Success Home Study System for FREE and I’ll pay the shipping and handling fees.

BONUS #2 – Immediate Access to the Home Study System (Priceless).

I know you want to get started right away. So when you order now, you’ll have immediate access to the digital version of the complete Home Study System delivered to your Inbox.

BONUS #390 Days of email Consultation ($1000 Value).

Of course, you’ll get your questions answered on the weekly live sessions. And you’ll also get unlimited email support in between sessions and for the next 90 days after the training ends. Email in your questions, deals or offers for review.

If You Already Purchased the physical Multifamily Success
Home Study System, You Save $400!

If you already have the physical version of the Multifamily Success Home Study System, your tuition is only $597.

Plus you receive the other bonuses described above – including the renewed 90 days of email consultation.  Click here to order Now!!!

My Famous Better-than-Risk-FREE Guarantee

Just like I’ll teach you in wholesaling apartments, I have a better than risk-FREE offer for you. I don’t consider your tuition purchase binding until you’ve had a chance to preview the first 2 sessions in full and all of the materials.

Sign up today. Receive the digital Multifamily Success Home Study System immediately. Receive the physical version in a few days.

Attend the Apartment Wholesaling Mastery Virtual Boot Camp – for the first 2 sessions.

If you decide it’s not for you, for any reason, simply cancel via email after the 2nd meeting, return your physical Home Study System in resalable condition and receive a full refund of your tuition – less the shipping and handling I paid for you.

And keep the digital version of the Home Study System.  That’s right. Keep it!

Mail and email me my Home Study System Now!

That’s how much confidence I have in this training. I am extending this offer to only those of the highest integrity. Putting myself at risk for your benefit to see the opportunities available to you – right now.

"I have 5 years experience flipping houses. I can see how putting the same amount of effort into flipping apartments will accelerate my income.”

Richard M.

"Lance, you always give solid information without the fluff.”

Anthony Welch

“I think it is great how far Lance has come in a short period of time and how many lives he has changed. Thank you!”

Daniel Marshall

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